Part of what makes Queen City unique is our willingness to provide clients with only the finest spirits that money can buy. We have a large selection of premium liquors available for purchase. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers sophistication and quality, while simultaneously appealing to everyone’s unique tastes. Live a life of luxury by choosing a top shelf liquor to satisfy your cravings. If you happen to like a particular brand that is out of stock, then we will gladly order it specifically for you; don’t hesitate to ask. The superiority, uniqueness and exclusivity of our fine liquors make it all worthwhile.

The following is a list of our highest quality liquors:

Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII Grande 750ML Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII Grande 750ML

Fat, rich flavors with hints of charred oak and a slight sweetness in the finish.
Hennessy XO Hennessy XO

Fat, rich flavors with hints of charred oak and a slight sweetness in the finish.
Remy Martin Cognac XO 750 ML Remy Martin Cognac XO

This mellow and complex cognac is aged a minimum of 22 years and is considered to have the ideal balance between floral and fruity flavors.
Remy Martin Extra Remy Martin Extra

Fine Champagne Cognac blend aged a minimum of 35 years. Fiery brown color, intense spice (clove, cigar box) and old tawny port aromas. .
Grand Marnier 100 Grand Marnier Cuvee du Centenaire

The 100th Anniversary is deep amber in color with orange zest found in the nose; body is thick, syrupy an buttery; palate shows wonderfully bitter orange zest and dates.
Johnnie Walker Scotch - Blue Johnnie Walker Scotch - Blue

The top of the line in blended scotch. Rich flavors are followed by an ultra smooth finish.
Patron Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila Patron Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila

A tequila matured in a combination of new barrels made of American mountain oak and oaks from the different regions of France. The tequilas are placed in these barrels and aged for a minimum of 12 months at the company's seventh-century French Colonial hacienda in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.
Patron Gran Patron Platinum Tequila Patron Gran Patron Platinum Tequila

Gran Patron is the world's finest platinum tequila. Triple distilled then aged to perfection, it is a true connoisseurs silver tequila.
Cabo Wabo Uno Tequila Cabo Wabo Uno Tequila

Cabo Wabo Uno Tequila is exceptionally smooth tequila with elegant flavors of chocolate, caramel & roasted coffee.
Herradura Seleccion Suprema Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila

Excellence is the word to describe Seleccion Suprema. Limited edition masterpiece, made from the best of estate grown mature agaves, creates this magical product without equal.
Don Julio Real Don Julio Real

Toffee, vanilla, and wood aromas give way to roasted agave in this pale, extra-aged, medium-bodied tequila. On the palate, its mild oak flavor is accented by chocolate, tropical fruit, and caramel during a long, spicy finish. Best served neat in an oversized snifter paired with a cigar. Made from 100% blue agave. Only first-crush juices are used to make this awesome libation. Aged for 5 years, this is the ultimate from Don Julio Gonzales, one of Mexico's most reknowned premium tequila makers.
Martell XO Supreme Cognac Martell XO Supreme Cognac

MARTELL XO Supreme Cognac, among the rarest and oldest Eaux-de-Vies, is fully aged in MARTELL's most-coveted private cellars, Paradis and Purgatoire. Unequivocally the best in the world, this extraordinary pleasure offers a full and powerful taste with hints of almond and vanilla that creates a long, impressive aftertaste. Martell Supreme XO Cognac has a sensational ripe bouquet with melon, subtle hints of walnut and butter cream. At first taste, fruit sensations are perfectly balanced with hints of oak that blossom mid-palate with bursts of raisins, vanilla and butterscotch.
Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac

Created by Edouard Martell in 1912, and aged in Troncais and Limousin oak. MARTELL CORDON BLEU is rich in fruit and wood with a delicate aftertaste. Marvelously rich and smooth, it's a unique, timeless Cognac. Think of this as the little black dress of cognacs, both stylish and sophisticated, a classic with a golden copper tint and flowery touch of fragrance. The taste is rich in fruit and wood with a subtle finish.
Suntory Signature Suntory Signature